“To be entangled, to create enlightenment”

The vision of the company was given by its founder on the day of its establishment: “We exist everywhere, we are you.” After a successful course of 50 years and recognition in its field, the company’s vision remains the same.


“Alter lives and you will realise who is missing, only in the end to realize it’s you.”
The mission of the company is to give its audience the opportunity to explore the true and the real, the life of those who live on the margins and the conditions of the society of each one.

About Travel Agency

The Travel Agency company was founded by Michael / Mike Stefanopoulos (Μιχάλη Στεφανόπουλο) in 1970 in Manhattan, New York, and it has been one of the most important and pretigeous companies in its industry, well known for its innovation and ingenuity. In 2015, Travel Agency was acquired by DIMF Investment Group as a strategic move towards its business expansion. It is a subsidiary of the DIMF Investment Group in the form of a Private Law Company. The condition of the acqusition states that in five years, 80% of the personnal in the The Board of Trustess and in its management team will be sourced from pirvate sectors, and 20% will be from the public sector/the state of Greece. The condition aims to facilitate the relocation of Travel Agency’s headquarter from New York to Athens. Travel Agency is divided into two entities, the digital and the physical. The main purpose of dividing the company into two hypostases is the better arrangement and research of its members in terms of finding new places and ways of recreation. It has operations in London (UK), Athens (Greece) and Guangzhou (China).

Over the years it has received distinctions and has distinguished itself for the way it handles ingenuity, the issues it revives and raises, as well as the way it manages the society it creates.From 2015 until today, it has been distinguished and honored two times by the Group of Greek Industrialists (Όμιλο Ελλήνων Βιομηχάνων) in Business R&D, for the company’s innovative products and services of that year.

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