Hunter’s Society

It goes without saying that one does not become a hunter, but rather is born one: one is born with all the somatic and physical characteristics required to be a hunter.
6 months, 6 bullets, one redemption. Chased from every corner of the earth. A swamp. Nothing is as it seems. Everyone is anxiously waiting to see who will make the move.
Everyone has a license because their heart tells them to. No one pulls the trigger. As soon as they leave, they will come.

A Hunter’s Society just started.



Hunting Preservatory,

Mitigation Game,


all become one


We are chasing them.
But they are doing what they were born for.

It’s in nature, it is nature.

But we want the prey for us, we don’t want anyone else to have it.
We the predators are afraid that someone will take our place.
Its us that we are afraid of our extinction, not the actual hare.

Who is the relentless, the ruthless.
In the end, the natural that threatens us, is the predator.

That’s why for the predators,
there is a reward.



“Why don’t we kill it?
“What’d you save it for, I wanted to see it drown.”

Some come to the realization that human nature might be as such. And they make laws, rules so that instinct does not become sustenance for destruction.

But there are also those who were neither born nor trained. They simply exist and continue to exist forever in the form and action of the poacher.

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