The News of the Hunter’s Society

The News of the Hunter’s Society is part of the Travel Agency Package 1 and will be broadcasted simultaneously on an online news platform and outside of the venue where Soldiers need rehab (clearly his aim is to kill it) takes place. The news broadcast is activated twice per day, five days per week. The two broadcasts dffer in their duration and focus.  

Two Broadcasts

First Broadcast: The 5 minutes news

The 5 minutes news is broadcasted daily at midnight (12 am). It marks the beginning of the Hunter’s Society for the day to come and it lasts five minutes. The content is prerecorded, focusing on the news of the past day in Hunter’s Society.

Second broadcast - News

It airs at 8 a.m. in the morning and lasts 30 minutes. It marks the end that day of Hunter’s Society.  It is a live broadcasted, with guests in speech panels. The purpose is to transmit the news of the next day.
The press platform is closed from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. of the next day.

Two Platforms

Platform 1: Online News Platform

Participants in any programmes of Hunter’s Society is registered as a member of Hunter’s Society.  They have exclusive access to the online news platform of Hunter’s Society, in which daily news are released.

Platform 2: Physical Venue

In addition to the access to the news through the online platform exclusive to its members, the news will be broadcasted outside of the venue where Package 2 Soldiers need rehab (clearly his aim is to kill it) is hosted. The broadcasts via both platforms will be identical.

The aim of this platform is to transmit the Hunter’s Society to people outside of it.

This platform only transmits the visual element of the news. Viewers are confronted with the image of a society, but not its sound and explanation. They will always remain an outsider of a hidden world.

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