Predators is an aspect of Hunter’s Society that includes a hunter’s all inner and outer fears.

All the ambiguous natures in him that at one moment make him the hunter and the other the hunted and the persecuted.
It is his immediate confrontation with a sometimes obvious enemy and sometimes the most subterranean and inward pain and agony he feels inside.


This programme is about the unspeakable fears of every human being, fears that no one ever dares to speak about.

What he is craving for? What is his impulse when confronted with himself by mirroring himself in the existence of the other.

You have fear since you do not know if the other has fear.
You are thirsty for something that you can never own.
Someone snatched it from your hands, leaving your soul empty.

To have something in your possession, to be yours, to have absolute control over one’s life, to be one’s god. And then feel threatened that you are not the only predator.


The programme Predators is divided into three parts, with different durations, activities and existence from each other. The community of Predators consists of in total 50 people and their participation is anonymous. Upon accepting the terms and conditions of Package#1, the participant becomes a member, registers on an online platform which contains and offers him the following:

1. The News of the Hunter’s Society

The participant can be informed twice a day about the nenws of the Hunter’s Soceity where he is member (see the presentation section entitled The News of the Hunter’s society p. 15).
Duration: 1 month 2 times per day: 12 a.m. for 10 minutes and 8 a.m. for 45 minutes 5 times per week
2. Supporting Platform

The participant is registered on the special online supporting platform in which the participatant has access to experts 4 times during the one month period for a duration of 45 minutes at each time. On this platform, the participant can discuss anonymously with the experts about these aforementioned issues.
Another engagement on this supporting platform is to participate in two specially designed online seminars during the one month period.
Duration: 1 month, 4 times, 45 minutes at a time.
3.  Online chat room

All members of the Predators community have access to a specially designed online chat room that allows members to communicate with each other and make connections. Participation in this platform is also anonymous. Duration: 1 month, the groupchat is open 24 hours everyday for all members. Note: By selecting the Predators programme, the participants register and form the Predators community. They also automatically become a member of the wider Hunter’s Society.

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