Soldiers need rehab
(clearly his aim to kill it)

The soldiers need rehab because the state they kill doesn’t apply here. The license to kill is no longer authorised.
They are trained.
Now it is time to train again.

“It’s time to go home”

The mother’s biggest fear is that she will never see her child again, her own flesh and blood that she conceived and gave life to. That she will never hear her child’s breath again like the first time in her arms.
She prays and begs to give her life in exchange for him to live, even if it is for one more breath.
She forgives everything for a moment with him.
When she wakes up, her nightmare begins.

At that last moment, no one is thinking about the aftermath, only the present.
But the ones who leave, never come back.
Όλοι πέθαναν τη στιγμή του χωρισμού.
Everyone dies in the moment of seperation.

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