The Soldiers need rehab (clearly his aim is to kill it) package is an escape. It is the existence of an individual world, where the participant is consciously trapped and cuts himself off in order to free himself.

It is a specially designed space, where its natural borders cut the participant off all external sources, with no stimulus and reminder of the outside world and time.

Inside the space, the only existing element besides the participant is a wetland in which the only living elements are plants and fish from the freshwater category. The lighting remains constant (subtle with day light indication), set at room temperature (20~25 degrees Celcius).

The participant has to leave all his personal belongings and clothes outside the space at a designated location, and is provided with specially designed clothes, a soldier’s flask with water, a bedsheet and one hardtack.

The participant is monitored externally by specially trained medical staff and the participant is explicitly prohibited from leaving the space before the end of the 45 minutes duration.

The space is open for 1 month, 5 times per week, 8 hours per day. 8 participants per day.
Each participation is set at 45 minutes long.

Note: Upon accepting the terms and conditions of of the package and completing the participation form, the participant explicitly accepts the above rules.

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